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Puebla, the City of Angels

Take a morning walk through the center of our historic and colonial city, while spending time enjoying a delicious coffee from the hills of Cuetzalan. A few blocks away El Parián is located, where you can buy handicrafts from the region. Puebla is also famous for its Talavera. In our beautiful historic center you will find some factories and workshops where you can see poblano artisans transform simple mud into works of art, using ancient techniques that have prevailed over the centuries.
Then head towards the great pyramid of Tlachihualtépetl ("The handmade hill"), the largest pyramid in the world by volume; explore its internal tunnels and murals, and end your visit by climbing to the highest part to discover the beauty of the church of Our Lady of Remedies there. From this point you will have a unique and surprising view of the volcanoes; Definitely an image to remember.
Cholula Archaeological Zone in Mexico

Cholula Archaeological Zone

Considered one of the most important archeological vestiges of Mexico and one of the oldest cities in America in Cholula you will find the largest pyramid in the world of 450 meters on each side and 4,500,000 cubic meters in volume. It is larger than the pyramids of Egypt, which only exceed that of Cholula in height.
Estrella de Puebla In Puebla

Estrella de Puebla

Feel the thrill of being 80 meters high and admire the beauty of Puebla from the largest observation wheel in Latin America. It is very close to the Angelópolis Shopping Center.
Historic Center, Mexico

Historic Center

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this is an unmissable stop for all visitors. Here you will find some of the most beautiful churches in the whole country, you can eat a delicious ice cream in the Zocalo, walk through the portals, and get lost among its streets full of art, colors and history.
Izta-popo National Park, Mexico

Izta-popo National Park

The Iztaccíhuatl-Popocatépetl National Park is one of the oldest protected areas in Mexico. It has an area of 40 thousand hectares and is home to two of the three highest peaks in the country. In it you will find some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in all of Mexico and you can go hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking or horse riding.
Giants Walk, State Of Puebla

Giants Walk

The Paseo de Gigantes Park is an excellent option to visit and learn more about the general culture and the State of Puebla. Here you can admire very realistic miniatures of the white house, fine arts, and other places around the world.
The best location in Puebla
Our hotel a few minutes from the Historic Center and important Industrial Parks offers you the opportunity to easily move around the most important tourist and business sites in the region.
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